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Founded in 2009, Tim Ho Wan is now a Michelin-Starred dim sum restaurant from Hong Kong, with over 45 locations across Southeast Asia (Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, etc.), Australia, and the U.S. Tim Ho Wan calls themselves Dim Sum Specialists, committing that each of their dishes are made-to-order to ensure quality of the flavor, texture, and freshness. Popularly known as “The Worlds most affordable Michelin-Starred Restaurant”, Tim Ho Wan serves gourmet-style dim sum, but its dishes are reasonably priced and delivered at an energetic pace. The menu highlights authentic Cantonese flavors, reminiscent of the original location in Hong Kong, along with Waikiki exclusive dishes like Steamed Fish Bundle with Pineapple, Pan Friend Black Rice Mochi with Pineapple, and the Rainbow Mango Slush.


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