(Honolulu, HI)— O’o Hawaii® launched in April of 2018. In what can only be described as a massive wave, the brand has already made its mark within the luxury international beauty industry, sweeping up industry-based nominations and awards along the way. Based in Haleiwa, Hawaii, O’o Hawaii’s Waikiki debut will take place at one of the most prestigious Hawaii luxury retailers: T Galleria by DFS, Hawaii.

As of this month, the recent recipient of the 2018 Indie Beauty Expo Best In Show Packaging will have its own counter in Hawaii’s most extensive beauty department. The beauty counter, located on the second floor of T Galleria by DFS, Hawaii, will feature all nine skin care products by O’o Hawaii.

Formulated to work at a clinical level, O’o Hawaii skincare products are highly concentrated with no fillers or non-active ingredients (like soy, palm, corn, or wheat) that allow manufacturers to have a “cheaper” price point. Indie Beauty Expo Best In Show Finalist Birds + Roses Rose Quartz Hydrating + Firming Mask has eye-popping essential oils of over 600 (yes six hundred) roses per jar.

Birdseed Detoxifying Face Scrub most notably features volcanic rock “not from Hawaii—we do not want to upset Pele,” as well as a rich blend of Red Alaea clay, activated charcoal, sustainably harvested pearl powder, and sapphire. The scrub has proven to be very popular and is the recipient of both the 2018 New You Beauty Award and the 2018 Indie Beauty Expo Best In Show Facial Scrub. With high-impact ingredients, it is no wonder that O’o Hawaii has managed to acquire a following as far as France.

The collection’s results are also irrefutable; after all, T Galleria by DFS, Hawaii will prominently feature in a section adjacent to its Beauty Concierge as well as on the Kalakaua Avenue side of the ground floor. The second-floor counter will officially launch on Wednesday, February 20, 2019. In celebration of its opening, O’o Hawaii will offer their solid rose quartz Gua Sha beauty tool ($24) as a free gift with purchase at T Galleria by DFS, Hawaii with any purchase over $200.

About O’o Hawaii Beauty

O’o Hawaii is an integrative luxury skincare line that features a range of crystal-infused, sustainably-sourced organic products. Named after the Hawaiʻi ʻōʻō bird (Moho Nobilis), the honeyeater was renowned for its vibrant yellow plumes which were carefully plucked and sustainably collected by ancient native Hawaiians. The brilliant feathers were then used for robes, capes, and feathered staffs adorned by the Hawaiian nobility.  The eventually overhunted (by the introduction of lead guns) ʻōʻō bird lead to the species’ extinction, providing a valuable lesson that O’o Hawaii Beauty takes to heart.

The company sources its skincare ingredients in a way that seeks to preserve, protect and improve the skin through an integrative system of internal and external skincare. The brand also ensures that the natural resources of its ingredients are maintained and protected. For every online sale, O’o Hawaii donates $1 to the Keauhou Bird Conservation Center Discovery Forest program.

It is also free of chemicals, artificial colors, and fragrances, and is 100% vegetarian, not tested on animals, and non-GMO. Integrative Nutrition expert and O’o Hawaii founder Holly Harding, INHC, AADP, sought to create a brand that was universally effective. “The line is simple overall because we only have nine products and you don't have to worry about which product is better for a particular skin type,” says Harding. “But in terms of formulation, it's actually pretty sophisticated, particularly because we create a multi-ingredient preservative system versus a single chemical-based preservative.”

All nine elements of the skincare line are encouraged to be used as part of a daily skincare ritual that begins with the dietary supplement and ends with a Gua Sha lymphatic facial massage. Listed in order of recommended use, the full line collection is formulated for all skin types. 


About Holly Harding

Holly Harding is certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC) and American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) and has studied over 100 dietary theories with the country’s top experts in holistic health and nutrition. With an establish mind/body transformation program called The H Lyfe Method®, Harding believes that beauty starts from within with a diet of nutrient-rich, unprocessed and unrefined foods. Oʻo Hawaii® was created as a way to accomplish beautiful skin through a combination of diet, supplementation, and highly functional skincare.

Stockists in Hawaii:

T Galleria, by DFS
330 Royal Hawaiian Avenue Honolulu, HI 96815
9:30 am - 11:00 pm Daily

The Kahala Spa at The Kahala Hotel & Resort
5000 Kahala Avenue Honolulu, HI 96816
8:00 am - 9:00 pm Daily