NEW BEGINNINGS FOR ABALONE AQUACULTURE: 2018 Kona Abalone New Owner Kowa Premium Foods Hawaii Corporation Aim to Expand Abalone Business on a Global Scale


(Honolulu, HI)— Since 1998, Big Island Abalone has established itself as a premium abalone producer and distributor throughout the world market including Hawaii, the U.S. mainland, Japan, and China. Starting January 1, 2018, Big Island Abalone will begin operations under its new owner, Kowa Premium Foods Hawaii Corporation.

With Mr. Hiroki Kanamori as the new CEO of Big Island Abalone, Mr. Hiroshi Arai will continue as Senior Advisor under the new ownership. Kowa Premium Foods Hawaii Corporation wishes to expand Big Island Abalone’s business while continuing to engage in the production and sales of its brand, Kona Abalone. Abalone sales will remain at the famed KCC Famer’s Market held every Saturday on Oahu.

In the meantime, the abalone specialty shop in the Ala Moana Makai Food Court will officially close on Sunday, December 24, 2017. An announcement of the store’s relocation destination in Honolulu will come in January 2018.


About Kona Abalone

The premium stock of Ezo (Northern Japanese) abalone. Kona Abalone is the result of over 15 years of research, intensive study, and experiments by the company. Facilities include a hatchery, a nursery, abalone grow-out tanks and algae growing tanks, ensuring quality control from the very start of the growth cycle. A blend of algae is used to feed the abalone, optimizing abalone taste, texture, color, nutrition, and shell characteristics. An inventory of over four million abalones on its ten-acre site.

Kowa Premium Foods Hawaii Corporation plans to expand its famous Kona Abalone brand locally in Hawaii as well as the U.S. mainland, Japan, and China.